From Oku-Shirataki Inter to the venue

Tournament venue and parking lot

Access to the venue

I will explain the access starting from Asahikawa City.
There are almost no accommodation facilities in Oku-Shirataki, where the venue is located (we will introduce accommodation facilities separately)
If you would like to find accommodation on your own, there are several in Kamikawa-cho, the town in front of you. There is also an inn in Maruseppu, just past the venue. There is a Shirataki Kogen campsite right near the venue. If you have camping equipment, you can stay overnight there.

For those in Hokkaido

From Aibetsu Town, use the free high-standard road to get to Oku-Shirataki IC.After getting off at the IC, it takes about 5 minutes to reach the special venue of the former Kita Taisetsu Ski Resort.It takes about 90 minutes by car from Asahikawa city center to the venue.There are only convenience stores and other shops near the venue, Oku-Shirataki, in Kamikawa-cho, the town in the foreground. However, for lunch, there is a restaurant near Oku-Shirataki Interchange.

●Parking lots are located 200 meters from the venue on the left and right.


For participants from outside Hokkaido (those using rental cars arriving at Asahikawa Airport)
If you are planning to rent a car yourself, please rent a car at Asahikawa Airport or Asahikawa City (it takes about 35 minutes by shuttle bus from Asahikawa Airport to Asahikawa City Station).
It takes approximately 90 minutes from Asahikawa Station or Asahikawa Airport to the tournament venue.There are no convenience stores or other shops in Oku-Shirataki, where the venue is located; a restaurant where you can eat at Oku-Shirataki Inter is only open during the day.There is only one lodging facility near the venue, several in Kamikawa-cho, a town in front of the venue, and one in Maruseppu, which is ahead of Oku-Shirataki.There is also a campsite near the venue, which you can use if you have camping equipment (there are bungalows but no bedding etc.)Please refrain from sleeping in your car in the event parking lot due to the risk of bears.star_border

Accommodations and shops near the venue


There are no restaurants or convenience stores near the Oku-Shirataki venue or accommodations.You cannot purchase it unless you go to Kamikawa Town or Maruseppu Town (about 30 minutes by car).However, a restaurant is open at Oku-Shirataki Roadside Station during the day.

Accommodations closest to the tournament venue
Shirataki Highland Campsite
Bungalow (but no bedding)