2024 Course Map (Kids is shown separately)

The red line is 60K and the blue line is 40K

The first 15K of the 60K and 15k courses

60K Course Description

Start just before dawn. You will run across the Great Plains in the morning sun. After completing one lap (15K) on a hilly road, you will come back to the starting point. Then, after refilling your supplies, you will climb up the old ski resort to the top of the mountain. From there, you will follow the ridge road for about 8K and descend once from the Ninosawa junction. You will aim for another mountain trail from a different road and follow a gentle ascent of 5K. There is a supply station at the entrance of the Hirayama mountain trail, and from there you will start your climb to the Hirayama junction. On the ridge road after that, there is a walking section to protect the flowers, as it is a conservation area of the Ministry of the Environment. After passing through there, you will go back to the Ninosawa junction (the last water station) that you crossed on the way out, and return to the ridge road that you took at the beginning. You will descend the ski resort to the finish line.

40K Course Description

After the start, move on the asphalt road for a while After that, enter the forest road with ups and downs, come out on the asphalt again, and enter the forest road again After exiting the Ninosawa branch aid, follow the gentle climb (5K) on the Hirayama mountain trail There is a Hirayama mountain trail entrance aid From there, climb up to the Hirayama branch From there, the ridge road is about 10k! There is a walking section designated by the Ministry of the Environment, and the run starts from the Ninosawa ridgeline, crosses Mt. Tengu, descends from the top of the ski resort, and reaches the goal

15K Course Description

After the start, you will drive on an asphalt road with a downward trend. After a while, turn left and you will enter a forest road with small ups and downs. After passing through the forest road, we came to the great plains, and in the second half of the race, we drove on the asphalt road to the finish line

Kids Course Description

往It is a round trip on a trail with ascents and descents of about 1500m