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Opening Date  Sunday, July 14, 2024
Venue Shirataki Tengudaira, Engaru-cho, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido Former Kita-Daisetsu Ski Resort Special Venue
Application Deadline 2024/3/1~2024/3/31 (Early Entry) (Ends when capacity is reached) Early Bird Discount
2024/4/1~2024/6/14 Regular entry (ends when capacity is reached)
Events/Number of Applicants 60k (200 people) 40k (200 people) 15k (100 people) kids (50 elementary school students)
Eligibility 60k, 40K (men and women over 18 years old), 15k (men and women over junior high school students)
Duration 60k 14 hours, 40k 10 hours, 15k 3 hours
Entry fee Early Entry
60k (200USD_Early)
Normal Entry
 Reception location on the day of the event Shirataki Tengudaira, Engaru-cho, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido Former Kita-Daisetsu Ski Resort Special Venue
 Reception time (7/14) On the morning of July 14
60k(2:30~3:30) 40k(6:45~7:45)15k(7:30~8:30)

Start time 60K-AM4 hours, 40K-AM8 hours, 15K-AM8:45 hours 
 Parking lot Private parking is available around the venue (see map)
Number of awards Up to 3rd or 5th place in each category (tentative)
Enterprise LLC TRAIL SCENE Hiroshi Maeda
Organizer  Daisetsuzan Trail Journey Steering Committee
Supported by Engaru Town     Engaru Town Board of Education
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Sanctioned Competitions

Tournaments eligible to earn points

Early Entry

60k (200USD_Early)

Normal Entry


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Entry fees can be paid by PayPal, credit or debit card

The Great Snow Mountain Trail Journey is...


The first tournament was organized by Fields Co., Ltd. in Chiba Prefecture more than 10 years ago. It is a mid-distance race with many hills and mountains. Initially, it lasted for two days, and there was a period when the second day began in Kamikawa Town and ended at the shore of Lake Chubetsu Hu in Higashikawa Town. We have experimented with different formats and now we have four categories of competition: 60k, 40k, 15k, and kids. Hokkaido is rich in nature, but in reality, there are hardly any old paths that common people used to walk on in the past. There are only forest roads built by the government and roads made by ski resort development. Even though they are 1800m-class mountains, the mountains of Hokkaido can be so harsh that sometimes it is necessary to descend even in midsummer. It is wonderful when the weather is sunny, but it is challenging when it is bad. However, the course deserves to be called an adventure, and finishing the race is a tremendous feeling.

Participation Fee

Early Entry
60k (200USD_Early)
Normal Entry
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Entry fees can be paid by PayPal, credit or debit card

Precautions in mountainous sections

There is a walking section
As you climb the Hirayama Mountain Trail, there is a specific section from the Hirayama Branch to the Ninosawa Ridgeline, where precious alpine plants flourish in groups. Sometimes the trail is not obvious and running carelessly can harm the alpine plants. Therefore, this section is a “walking section” that forbids running. There are monitoring staff on duty at all times, so please make sure to walk.

Adverse weather conditions

There is a possibility of major changes to the course
Even if the race itself can go on in spite of bad weather, it may be hard to cross the mountainous area due to storms, gas, and mud flows depending on the location. In that case, please be aware that some courses may be altered. Before the start of the tournament, the staff will check the weather at the Hirayama branch, which is the most critical area, and will inform you of any changes before the start of the tournament. Like rain, if the wind speed is more than 15 meters, there is a definite risk of hypothermia.


(1) Bibs and timing chips distributed at the reception
(2) Fluids and supplementary food
(3) Mobile phone (a model that can be sufficiently charged and receive SMS without hiding the number)
(4) My cup (paper cups are not available at each aid station)
(5) Rainwear (hooded jacket made of waterproof and breathable
material and seams waterproofed with seam tape)  both top and bottom will be mandatory.

  • There is no damage or significant wear, and it has sufficient functions. (6) Poles There is a check of rainwear, etc. Athletes who do not bring their own or who bring non-rainwear will not be allowed to participate in the race To find out why you need the essentials, try searching YouTube for the name of the tournament Last year, muddy water gushed out of the ridge road in the second half and the road became a swamp, and it was quite hard to run without poles. In addition, on the route that was canceled last year, it was cold even if the staff wore down jackets, and the staff almost got hypothermia during another competition. Even though it is summer, the mountains of Hokkaido are harsh.


Recommended equipment

(Equipment recommended by the tournament organizers)
(1) Course map, compass, watch with GPS function (electronic compass or other items with a compass function are also acceptable)
(2) Taping tape (bandages, straps)
(3) Warm clothing (made of materials such as down and fleece)
Last year, due to the storm, the staff wore down
Also, at a previous tournament, the staff almost got hypothermia due to the cold
(4) Gloves (non-fingerless)
(5) A hat that hides the ears (beanie)
(6) Health insurance card
(7) Cash (medical expenses at the time of transportation to the hospital, etc.)
(8) Mobile phone charger, charging cable

Measures against bears

The organizers will do everything possible to prevent bears, but please do not think that you are the only one who is safe, and be sure to prepare in advance what to do if you come across a bear.


Competition Regulations

(1) The race will be based on a timed race on a designated course (the ranking will be determined from the athletes who take the least amount of time required).
(2) There is a time limit for the race, and those who exceed this time must stop the race and descend the mountain according to the instructions of the officer.
* As per the separate information such as the barrier time on the way.
(3) In all courses, stock poles should be used in good manners. The tip of the pole is made of rubber that does not damage the ground.
(4) If you wish to suspend (withdraw) the race, please be sure to notify the officer on the course.
(5) If it is determined that an athlete cannot continue the competition, the official may suspend the competition.
(6) Players who do not comply with the following will be disqualified.
■ Athletes who violate the rules of the game and do not follow the instructions of the officials
■ Players who have exceeded the time limit of each barrier and goal barrier
■ Athletes who did not wear bibs
■ Athletes who have been found to have dumped garbage or violated nature conservation
■ Players who misrepresent their eligibility to participate or engage in fraudulent activities
■ Athletes who ran the walking section (60k, 40k)
About equipment


About equipment

When participating in the race, please be sure to bring your own water and food with you.
*This race is not a road marathon. Be sure to bring water and supplementary food with you.
Please refer to the course map for the location of the aid station
In the mountainous area (Hirayama Branch to Reflector), there is only one simple water supply station on the Ninosawa ridgeline
For 60 km and 40 km, be sure to bring at least 500 mm liters of water.
Please bring as much food as you think you will need during the race.
There are no convenience stores within 20k of the venue, and there are no booths to purchase supplementary meals on the day, so please be sure to prepare in advance.
Please bring a portable cup.
* Paper cups are not available at the aid station.


(1) Please do not damage the vegetation on the course during the race. Be careful not to destroy trails or boardwalks.
(2) During the race, be sure to call out when passing hikers so as not to cause fear to them, and if the width is narrow, please walk past each other. When overtaking, be sure to call out from behind and slow down to overtake.
(4) If you are late for registration or late for the start time, you will not be allowed to run.
(5) Wearing earphones during the race is prohibited to prevent danger.
(6) Due to unforeseeable reasons such as natural disasters such as earthquakes, bad weather, epidemics, and incidents, the course may be changed or reduced, or the race may be canceled at the discretion of the organizer.
(7) In the event of a course change, reduction, or cancellation due to unforeseeable reasons, the entry fee will not be refunded.
(8) The organizer will only provide first aid in the event of injury, illness, loss, or other accidents at the event venue or during the race, but will not be liable for any other matters.
*If you are unable to move due to injury during the race, please contact the event headquarters (the phone number is listed on the bib).
(9) Newspapers, magazines, television, and interviews such as photographs, videos, records, and articles during the tournament.



15kは500円引き とさせていただきます